International Contracting

Maak Group has dealt with many interested people in this field around the world in many countries including:(USA – India – Taiwan – China – Korea – United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia) Maak Group is always striving to adapt and adapt to the global developments in modern architecture, especially the facades, by following up all that is new and advanced in this field through joint cooperation at the regional level in the UAE and the Arab Republic of Egypt by providing technical and specialized advice to all those interested in the field

Standards and quality

Maak Group is keen to keep pace with the international developments around the world in the adoption of its products in accordance with international standards and standards, including:
SGS – International Standards and Quality
European Association of Standards and Quality
DAC – UAE Standard and Quality
ASTM -US Standards and Quality Control

Previous work

Maak Group is always keen to provide everything new, effective and purposeful to service and develop its products around the world through a large team that helps them to meet the demands of aluminum cladding panels by either renewing their confidence in our products or by requesting technical support and engineering consultancy.

and also at the international level represented in various international exhibitions and forums around the world to keep on his level from quality


  • Meet & Agree
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply
  • Follow-up

In this step, the customer agrees on the quality of the goods sold

At this stage, the agreed goods are manufactured

At this stage, the goods that have been manufactured are supplied

It is carried out by following the goods with the customer since delivery and until the completion of their installation